Asset management

Asset management

The power and gas industry are an essential part of the business and impact the delivery and quality of services. We operate strategically in the management and maintenance of assets in operation, guiding our clients on the periodicity of maintenance and initiatives to extend the useful life of the equipment. Our solutions avoid interruption of services and allow better management of scheduled shutdowns for possible repairs.


  • We provide maintenance and inspection services, which help preserve asset integrity and ensure the quality and availability of distribution services;
  • We conduct the analysis of the condition of the assets and evaluate the need for maintenance, allowing for better management of possible service shutdowns;
  • We use the most modern technologies, such as the use of drones for inspection, which allow a better evaluation of the assets;
  • We operate in the inspection of equipment that is under warranty, so that any problems are addressed within the deadline, the useful life of the assets is increased, and losses are avoided;
  • Our specialized teams have on-site work experience and fully understand specifics of the industry, assuring the quality of the service, and greater dexterity in the identification of problems.


  • Pre- and post-maintenance inspection
  • Registration of vegetation
  • Vegetation management
  • Aerial inspection by drones
  • Thermovision and corona effect
  • End of warranty
  • Management of maintenance plans
  • Inspection of grids, lines and substations
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Development and management of performance optimization plans
  • Evaluation of the remaining life and extension of useful life
  • Geotechnical Monitoring


Asset management
Safety and quality of equipment