Monitoring of ore loading and unloading at transshipment terminals and ports is a delicate and important stage for the industry. We assist our clients with ore quality inspections through physical assessments for checking of criteria, such as brightness, color and corrosion, and verification and checking of volume and weight of ores. We operate before the loading and unloading of products at the ports.


  • We work in the main ports worldwide;
  • We have the infrastructure and knowledge to assure this process to our clients, minimizing the commercial risks of the operation;
  • We assure the quality of the products tested, with a judicious evaluation of the ore composition;
  • Our specialized team has sound experience in the industry and operates with specific technical knowledge;
  • Our independent operation allows an unbiased assessment;
  • We use the most advanced analysis methodologies, in observance of national and international standards. 


Ore supervision
Qualitative and quantitative assessment of ores at the ports.