Agricultural management at your fingertips

Agribusiness is going through a time of modernization of its business, with greater integration of processes from the field to the end customer. We have anticipated our clients’ needs, by developing BV SurvAgri – our innovative and exclusive platform, focusing on digitization of services for the Agribusiness industry. The technology brings together the whole supply chain, automating operational activities using tablets and cell phones, as well as centralizing access to multiple systems in one single place.

Our platform brings together digital, real time information from our services, such as container and lorry inspection, harvest and storage shed monitoring or grain classification laboratories results, as well as biotechnology supervision and monitoring, easily accessible through cell phone applications and computers. As well as speeding up processes, our digital solutions assist professionals on site and enable monitoring and faster responses for clients.

Lack of automation at logistics terminals, complexity of documents and processes, together with complex, bureaucratic legislation in this industry lead to slow, weak processes. To resolve these issues, we have developed cell phone applications providing reports which can be accessed online by clients and processes which were hitherto analog and done on paper are now done digitally. Thus, our clients now have access to documents 24/7, with more detailed reports that include photos and additional information, aiding decision making. The solution is currently used by the main Brazilian companies in the industry with gains both in terms of speed and optimized resources and services.


End-to-end technology

  • Faster processes throughout the agriculture value chain;
  • Greater integration between the supply chain and negotiation of agricultural commodities;
  • Process integration;
  • Integrated information on operations, logistics, administrative and management processes in one single platform, enabling complete planning throughout the supply chain;
  • The solution complies with certification standards;
  • Greater rapidity in transmitting data and information, reducing process time by 96%;
  • Cutting our paper reports and communication, with the entire operations online;
  • Complete supply chain integration, automating operational activities and centralizing access to multiple systems in one single place.